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What info is in a background check?

Even the most basic background checks verify this information:

• Legal name

• Current address

• Previous address

• Age

• Previous employment

• Education history

Certain employers with higher security and safety needs may also request additional information such as:

• Social security number

• Driving license information

• Driving infraction information

• Vehicle registration information

• Credit records

• Court records

• Criminal records

• Workers’ compensation records

• Citizenship

• Immigration and legal working status

• Bankruptcy records

• Litigation records

• State licensing records

• Military records

• Property ownership records

• Incarceration records

• Sex offender information

• Character references

Background checks containing all this information can be very expensive but most American companies are willing to pay for safety, security and knowledge about the candidates they are considering. Company cultures are strenuously protected and disruptive employees are discouraged during the screening, interviewing and hiring stages.

However, there are restrictions about information included in typical background checks. These restrictions vary between states, between industries and between individuals.

How Background Information is Compiled

In a full background check, the range of information is all encompassing. The candidate’s background information is sourced from public records created by local, state and federal agencies and courts. On the national scene, the Social Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security and National Sex Offender Registries can all be sourced. Other information can be accessed from public vital records, immigration records, property records, credit records, including bankruptcy information and, of course, criminal records.

Background screening services have far ranging access to educational records, FBI identification Records, the Interstate Identification Index System and more. In truth, there is no place to hide for applicants who agree to a background check and have listed credentials and character qualities that are unsupported by public records.