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About Background Checks

If you are searching for a job, considering a new apartment or hoping to be a nanny, hospital worker or school teacher, the chances are good that you will asked to agree to a background check. Background checks give employers and landlords insight into your past behavior, education and job experiences as well as how you manage your credit.

The easiest way to ensure your resume and your background check are consistent is to be straightforward. However, a recent study found that many applicants for jobs and apartments put forth information on their resume or application that did not coincide with their background check, In most cases, inconsistencies cause immediate disqualification.

Background checks may also reveal information about the applicant that was not requested on the application or covered in an interview. That is because some background checks explore criminal record and credit records, including bankruptcy.

Self-Ordered Background Checks

Background checks vary from state-to-state and from one industry to another. Many online background check providers offer free basic background checks to their subscribers. But, for jobs that have obvious security and safety risks, detailed background checks may be required.

These checks can be expensive and much more detailed than a basic background check. If the job merits the cost or if you simply want to make sure your background check is accurate, you can order a background check from online providers. Just make sure you know what information will be included.

You can then check the information on your resume against what the background check reports. On occasion, mistakes or misinformation can be listed on your background check.

Reporting Incorrect Information

If you are applying for a job and your background check indicates discrepancies with your resume and interview, the decision maker will most likely say nothing and move on to another candidate. Unfortunately, you could very well lose the job opportunity due to erroneous background information.

If you become aware of mistakes on your background check, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you the opportunity to file a dispute with Consumer Reporting Agencies. This can be time consuming and tedious but is well worth the effort. Your only remedy is to your complaint with the consumer Reporting Agency that filed the report. There are legal procedures in place for complaint resolution of erroneous information on background checks. If you fully understand the importance of your background check, and you have concerns, it is well worth paying for a background check and undertaking the necessary corrections.

Universal Background Checks

The description “Universal Background Check” is used to describe the government-mandated checks prior to the issue of guns. If you want to purchase a gun in the US, you must agree to a Universal Background Check. Other than the “Gun Show loophole,” there are no exceptions to this requirement which is a basic form of gun control. The Gun Show Loophole only applies to private purchases for individuals purchasing a gun at a gun show.

Background Check Controversy

Background information can be sensitive and personal. As such, privacy issues can arise. And, because universal background checks are used to permit the sale of guns, potential buyers must submit to background checks.

From the employer perspective, employers must receive permission from the applicant prior to legally authorizing the background check. Even when the applicant consents, employers must be careful about compliance with discrimination labor laws. Human resource professionals recommend care when making hiring decisions based on background information.

Businesses large and small should be aware of the state and federal laws regarding background checks and using the information on a report. Violating discrimination labor laws can have serious repercussions.