Police Records in Richmond, VA

Find the Richmond, VA misdemeanor record information you need by searching the Richmond Police Records locations. Learn more about federal criminal records, juvenile arrest records, registered sex offenders , and more.

Finding county court records in Richmond, VA

Over the past few decades, authorities and courts have been progressively making all levels of administration divulge various pieces of data into web sites. For community, regional, as well as federal governments, they are giving away several records.

Business owners in Richmond, VA might want to conduct background check on likely staff members as this gives the recruiter assurance they have hired the ideal individual for the job. Many states do confine employers from exploring any illicit convictions that a potential employee may have. Here’s a few points to take into account regarding background checks.

You can’t discriminate against anyone. You shouldn’t decide to carry out a track record check based on sex or color, or any other classification that’s protected. Make sure you understand this and only carry out checks that are ideal. Consult an attorney or other consultant. Should you have difficulty comprehending who should get the background check.

Police Records Listings

Henrico County Police Department
7701 East Parham Road, Richmond, VA 23294.
Henrico County Police Department Phone Number804-501-5000
Richmond Airport Police Department
1 Richard East Byrd Terminal Drive, Richmond, VA 23250.
Richmond Airport Police Department Phone Number804-226-3080
Virginia Division of Police
7721 East Parham Road, Richmond, VA 23294.
Virginia Division of Police Phone Number804-501-4840
Richmond Police Chief
200 West Grace St, Richmond, VA 23220.
Richmond Police Chief Phone Number804-646-6700
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Certain records you may find are: civil circuit cases, government surveys, birth certificates and other information.

Companies and other agencies such as educational institutions, hospitals and government use background checks as part of their employment verification when trust and integrity are vital. Government authorities and private businesses are equipped for performing history checks. In most circumstances where an applicant might be subjected to a background check, the candidate need to execute a consent permission authorizing the company to perform a background check. When the agreement is carried out, most managers rely on private businesses to carry out the background research.