Police Records in Miami, FL

Find the Miami, FL state criminal record information you need by researching the Miami Police Records locations. Learn more about criminal records, background checks for child workers, police logs published in the newspaper, and more.

Finding police records in Miami, FL

As an employer in Miami, FL, you ought to conduct the background check if you’re authorized to do so. This can verify the applicant info . You can also screen prospects for reassignments as well as promotions by doing this. If financial info is to be handled by the applicant , then carrying out a track record check on them will help . This will help safeguard you. You can be held legally responsible for damages or even accidents when you employed a staff member that wasn’t suited to deal with those financial matters.

The data that’s incorporated in a background screen in Miami, FL features a person’s crimes and arrests, including civil records information, as well as other info. This is a search done on you usually for any criminal aspects of your life for employment requirements.

Police Records Listings

Miami Dade Police Department
10800 Sw 211th St, Miami, FL 33189.
Miami Dade Police Department Phone Number305-471-2500
Miami Police Dept-Fleet Service
1390 Nw 20th St, Miami, FL 33142.
Miami Police Dept-Fleet Service Phone Number305-575-5211
MD Police
2020 Nw 63rd St, Miami, FL 33147.
MD Police Phone Number305-836-1113
Police Dept-Personnel and Trng
16901 Ne 19th Avenue, Miami, FL 33162.
Police Dept-Personnel and Trng Phone Number305-948-2921
False Alarm Enforcement Unit
11500 Nw 25th St, Miami, FL 33172.
False Alarm Enforcement Unit Phone Number305-669-7676
Extreme Police Supplies
9016 Nw 25th St, Miami, FL 33172.
Extreme Police Supplies Phone Number305-471-4869
South Miami Police Department
6130 Sunset Drive, Miami, FL 33143.
South Miami Police Department Phone Number305-663-6301
Miami Springs Police Detective
201 Westward Drive, Miami, FL 33166.
Miami Springs Police Detective Phone Number305-887-1444
Miami Police Dept-Training
400 Nw 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33128.
Miami Police Dept-Training Phone Number305-579-6624
Police Dept-Records Section
2801 Salzedo St, Miami, FL 33134.
Police Dept-Records Section Phone Number305-460-5409
Indian Creek Village Police
9080 Bay Drive, Miami, FL 33154.
Indian Creek Village Police Phone Number305-866-2446
Bal Harbour Village Police
655 96th St, Miami, FL 33154.
Bal Harbour Village Police Phone Number305-866-5000
Wamic Productions, Inc
1 no way, Miami, FL 33101.
Wamic Productions, Inc Phone Number904-525-2504
El Portal Village Police Department
5600 Sw 87th Avenue, Miami, FL 33173.
El Portal Village Police Department Phone Number305-595-6263
Miami Police Cafeteria
400 Nw 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33128.
Miami Police Cafeteria Phone Number305-579-6529
El Portal Police Department
500 Ne 87th St, Miami, FL 33138.
El Portal Police Department Phone Number305-795-7870
Miami Police Department of Admin
400 Nw 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33128.
Miami Police Department of Admin Phone Number305-603-6130
Palmetto Bay Police Department
8950 Sw 152nd St, Miami, FL 33157.
Palmetto Bay Police Department Phone Number305-259-1270
Bay Harbor Islands Police Department
9665 Bay Harbor Terrace, Miami, FL 33154.
Bay Harbor Islands Police Department Phone Number305-866-6242
Finvarb Group
1065 Kane Concourse # 201, Miami, FL 33154.
Finvarb Group Phone Number305-861-3500
C Sx Police and Special Service
9400 Nw 37th Avenue, Miami, FL 33147.
C Sx Police and Special Service Phone Number305-836-3065
Miami Dade Cnty Pblc Sch Plc
6100 Nw 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33127.
Miami Dade Cnty Pblc Sch Plc Phone Number305-757-7708
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You might have to pay a fee to gain access to some records so as what you can and cannot look at for free before you decide what you wish to change. Another thing to look at is the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code database as this covers records that connect with residence ownership in addition to financing statements. You may even be able to check out this information on the government website of your state. You should see the things you can remove online first before you see the city hall or other official.

The purpose of most history checks to be sure organizations hire honest, certified candidates that can safely provide needed solutions. Background checks have become important for organizations seeking top flight staff. In the United States today, a background check is required for all jobs wherein other people’s funds are managed, traded or invested.