Police Records in Auburn, IL

Need to find sex offender registry in Auburn, IL? View our directory of Auburn mugshot locations to find what you need. We also have info about juvenile court dockets and DUI arrests.

Finding police records online in Auburn, IL

It may be challenging to depend entirely on the government to find this information. But there are numerous other alternatives accessible to individuals.

Less than half the courts provide arrest records both on the internet as well as onsite to the public. Governments provide totally free or fee-based systems to misdemeanor records. The totally free ones aren’t as thorough while fee-based are more robust.

Police Records Listings

Divernon Police Department
50 East Brown St, Divernon, IL 62530.
Divernon Police Department Phone Number217-628-3355
Waverly Police Department
181 North Pearl St, Waverly, IL 62692.
Waverly Police Department Phone Number217-435-2351
New Berlin Police Department
301 West Illinois St, New Berlin, IL 62670.
New Berlin Police Department Phone Number217-488-6102
Springfield Park Dist Police
1508 West Fayette Avenue, Springfield, IL 62704.
Springfield Park Dist Police Phone Number217-753-6221
Springfield Evidence Section
800 East Monroe St, Springfield, IL 62701.
Springfield Evidence Section Phone Number217-788-8386
Springfield Records Section
800 East Monroe St # 345, Springfield, IL 62701.
Springfield Records Section Phone Number217-788-8337
Springfield Indentification
800 East Monroe St, Springfield, IL 62701.
Springfield Indentification Phone Number217-788-8378
Commerce Commission Police
527 East Capitol Avenue, Springfield, IL 62701.
Commerce Commission Police Phone Number217-782-6171
Springfield Youth Section
800 East Monroe St, Springfield, IL 62701.
Springfield Youth Section Phone Number217-788-8401
Springfield Police Chief
800 East Monroe St, Springfield, IL 62701.
Springfield Police Chief Phone Number217-788-8360
Springfield Traffic Service
800 East Monroe St # 345, Springfield, IL 62701.
Springfield Traffic Service Phone Number217-788-8385
Springfield Police Academy
3501 Color Plant Road, Springfield, IL 62702.
Springfield Police Academy Phone Number217-788-8415
Palmyra Police Department
110 East Main St, Palmyra, IL 62674.
Palmyra Police Department Phone Number217-436-2451
Kincaid Police Department
115 Central Avenue, Kincaid, IL 62540.
Kincaid Police Department Phone Number217-237-5568
Edinburg Police Department
205 East Washington St, Edinburg, IL 62531.
Edinburg Police Department Phone Number217-623-4101
Sherman Village Police
401 Saint Johns Drive, Sherman, IL 62684.
Sherman Village Police Phone Number217-496-3256
Christian County Sheriff
301 West Franklin St, Taylorville, IL 62568.
Christian County Sheriff Phone Number217-824-4961
Buffalo Village Police Department
600 South Main St, Buffalo, IL 62515.
Buffalo Village Police Department Phone Number217-753-6666
Petersburg Police Department
122 South 6th St, Petersburg, IL 62675.
Petersburg Police Department Phone Number217-632-5032
Stonington City Police Department
416 North Main St, Stonington, IL 62567.
Stonington City Police Department Phone Number217-325-4221
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Ask about county court criminal records which have your name on them and if these may be taken off from records.

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