Court Records in Town Creek, AL

View the Town Creek, AL police record information you need by searching the Town Creek Court Records locations. Find out about police records, background checks, free background checks, and more.

Locating police records in Town Creek, AL

Talk to a solicitor or another qualified individual about a background check to understand what your civil rights are in Town Creek, Alabama.

A public report in Town Creek, AL is something like a lawsuit, divorce, marital relationship, birth, traffic ticket, and so on which is currently out there as well as searchable by anyone.

Court Records Listings

Lawrence County District Court
14451 Market St # 200, Moulton, AL 35650.
Lawrence County District Court Phone Number256-974-2450
District Court Judge
200 South Court St # 401, Florence, AL 35630.
District Court Judge Phone Number256-760-5815
Circuit Court Office
200 South Court St # 412, Florence, AL 35630.
Circuit Court Office Phone Number256-760-5715
Court Clerks Passports
200 South Court St # 404, Florence, AL 35630.
Court Clerks Passports Phone Number256-760-5726
Lauderdale County
200 South Court St # 220, Florence, AL 35630.
Lauderdale County Phone Number256-760-5747
Franklin County District Judge
410 Jackson Avenue North, Russellville, AL 35653.
Franklin County District Judge Phone Number256-332-8886
Circuit Court Clerk
200 West Washington St, Athens, AL 35611.
Circuit Court Clerk Phone Number256-233-6406
Limestone District Judge
200 West Washington St, Athens, AL 35611.
Limestone District Judge Phone Number256-233-6419
Limestone County Commission
310 West Washington St, Athens, AL 35611.
Limestone County Commission Phone Number256-233-6400
Limestone County Circuit Judge
100 West Washington St # 3, Athens, AL 35611.
Limestone County Circuit Judge Phone Number256-233-6440
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