Court Records in Phil Campbell, AL

View the Phil Campbell, AL jail record that you are looking for by researching the Phil Campbell Court Records locations. Learn more about jury records, the sex offender registry, violent crimes, and more.

The Role of inmate records in Phil Campbell, AL

In the past few years, governments have been making several data accessible to the public. From court papers to licenses, a lot of crucial information is available for the public. Though this a rocky issue with regards to privacy, the fact nevertheless remains there are govt data along with various sites available to track down this data.

Among the usual arguments that you’ll read about making documents public is the fact that it keeps government accountable. Setting up a system where anybody can access anything about their government - either local, regional, or even federal - enhances transparency.

Court Records Listings

Winston County District Judge
2539 6th Avenue, Haleyville, AL 35565.
Winston County District Judge Phone Number205-486-9554
Franklin County District Judge
410 Jackson Avenue North, Russellville, AL 35653.
Franklin County District Judge Phone Number256-332-8886
Marion County Circuit Judge
132 Military St South # 204, Hamilton, AL 35570.
Marion County Circuit Judge Phone Number205-921-1128
Marion County District Judge
132 Military St South, Hamilton, AL 35570.
Marion County District Judge Phone Number205-921-3181
Marion County Probate Judge
132 Military St South, Hamilton, AL 35570.
Marion County Probate Judge Phone Number205-921-2471
Winston County Probate Judge
25125 Highway 195 # 1, Double Springs, AL 35553.
Winston County Probate Judge Phone Number205-489-5219
Lawrence County District Court
14451 Market St # 200, Moulton, AL 35650.
Lawrence County District Court Phone Number256-974-2450
District Court Judge
200 South Court St # 401, Florence, AL 35630.
District Court Judge Phone Number256-760-5815
Circuit Court Office
200 South Court St # 412, Florence, AL 35630.
Circuit Court Office Phone Number256-760-5715
Court Clerks Passports
200 South Court St # 404, Florence, AL 35630.
Court Clerks Passports Phone Number256-760-5726
Lauderdale County
200 South Court St # 220, Florence, AL 35630.
Lauderdale County Phone Number256-760-5747
Itawamba County Justice Court
304 West Wiygul St # D, Fulton, MS 38843.
Itawamba County Justice Court Phone Number662-862-4315
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One way to get rid of info is to use a P.O Box number. This could help keep some of your data personal. A mailing address as P.O. Box number will likely be different from your house address so its safer for your privacy. In case you have a business, you can detach your individual information from your company info. Before you do any of this it’s best to speak to a professional about it.

As such it’s vital that you look around the home to see if you can find any of it. Even if it’s not all that dated, it’s nevertheless a place to start.