Court Records in Marion County, AL

Need to find inmate records in Marion County, AL? Search our database of Marion County police record locations today. Additional info about police files and jail sentencing records.

Finding inmate records in Marion County, AL

Over the last few decades, federal government and courts have been more and more making all levels of government disclose various pieces of data into web sites. For local, regional, and federal governments, they are giving away many documents.

One of the usual justifications that you’ll hear about making data public is that it keeps government accountable. Establishing a system where anybody can access anything about their government - either local, regional, or even federal - increases transparency.

Court Records Listings

Marion County Circuit Judge
132 Military St South # 204, Hamilton, AL 35570.
Marion County Circuit Judge Phone Number205-921-1128
Marion County District Judge
132 Military St South, Hamilton, AL 35570.
Marion County District Judge Phone Number205-921-3181
Marion County Probate Judge
132 Military St South, Hamilton, AL 35570.
Marion County Probate Judge Phone Number205-921-2471
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