Court Records in Limestone County, AL

Get the Limestone County, AL docket sheet that you are looking for by searching the Limestone County Court Records locations. Investigate trial records, felony trials, open arrest warrants, and more.

Locating docket sheets in Limestone County, AL

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Court Records Listings

Circuit Court Clerk
200 West Washington St, Athens, AL 35611.
Circuit Court Clerk Phone Number256-233-6406
Limestone District Judge
200 West Washington St, Athens, AL 35611.
Limestone District Judge Phone Number256-233-6419
Limestone County Commission
310 West Washington St, Athens, AL 35611.
Limestone County Commission Phone Number256-233-6400
Limestone County Circuit Judge
100 West Washington St # 3, Athens, AL 35611.
Limestone County Circuit Judge Phone Number256-233-6440
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