Court Records in Lawrence County, AL

Need to find court records in Lawrence County, AL? Use our database of Lawrence County jury record locations today. We also have info about violent crimes and open court records.

Finding court records in Lawrence County, AL

There is a lot that people can do with assorted information accessible to them. You may even discover much concerning who a person is by simply knowing their name and residence address. From those websites alone you could learn about what kind of individual someone is like.

Over twenty five percent of the state and county government authorities don’t have public documents online.

Court Records Listings

Lawrence County District Court
14451 Market St # 200, Moulton, AL 35650.
Lawrence County District Court Phone Number256-974-2450
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Your local city hall in Lawrence County, Alabama will be able to help you about the removal of documents or perhaps you can talk with a solicitor to know what can or cannot be taken away and ways to go about the whole process. For example, you might have your social security number and contact number obscured in most reports or at least partially obscured.

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