Court Records in Killen, AL

Find the Killen, AL jury record information you need by researching the Killen Court Records locations. Learn more about court records, dwi arrest records, free background checks, and more.

The Role of docket sheets in Killen, AL

Business owners in Killen, AL may wish to carry out background check on potential staff as this gives the employer confidence they have hired the right individual for the job. Most states do limit businesses from exploring any felony convictions that a potential employee might have. Here’s a few things to keep in mind concerning background checks.

Medical records for instance like family members medical background can’t be evaluated. As soon as the employee is hired, disabilities or health conditions that may prevent the employee from carrying out the job may be considered long as it’s appropriate by the law.

History checks could be a complicated thing to do as an employer. Be sure to understand all the laws and regulations and consult legal counsel if you need assistance with anything.

Court Records Listings

District Court Judge
200 South Court St # 401, Florence, AL 35630.
District Court Judge Phone Number256-760-5815
Circuit Court Office
200 South Court St # 412, Florence, AL 35630.
Circuit Court Office Phone Number256-760-5715
Court Clerks Passports
200 South Court St # 404, Florence, AL 35630.
Court Clerks Passports Phone Number256-760-5726
Lauderdale County
200 South Court St # 220, Florence, AL 35630.
Lauderdale County Phone Number256-760-5747
Lawrence Cnty Juvenile Judge
240 West Gaines St # 11, Lawrenceburg, TN 38464.
Lawrence Cnty Juvenile Judge Phone Number931-762-7700
Circuit Court Clerk
200 West Washington St, Athens, AL 35611.
Circuit Court Clerk Phone Number256-233-6406
Limestone District Judge
200 West Washington St, Athens, AL 35611.
Limestone District Judge Phone Number256-233-6419
Limestone County Commission
310 West Washington St, Athens, AL 35611.
Limestone County Commission Phone Number256-233-6400
Limestone County Circuit Judge
100 West Washington St # 3, Athens, AL 35611.
Limestone County Circuit Judge Phone Number256-233-6440
Franklin County District Judge
410 Jackson Avenue North, Russellville, AL 35653.
Franklin County District Judge Phone Number256-332-8886
Lawrence County District Court
14451 Market St # 200, Moulton, AL 35650.
Lawrence County District Court Phone Number256-974-2450
Wayne Circuit Court Clerk
1016 Andrew Jackson Drive # 202, Waynesboro, TN 38485.
Wayne Circuit Court Clerk Phone Number931-722-5519
Wayne County Sessions Judge
100 Court Circle, Waynesboro, TN 38485.
Wayne County Sessions Judge Phone Number931-722-5563
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