Court Records in Florence, AL

Need to find jury records in Florence, AL? Use our database of Florence court record locations to find what you need. Additional info about crime hotlines and dwi arrest records.

Finding docket sheets in Florence, AL

The majority of information is available to the public and you can do a search for it. It’s usually very simple to do and you could possibly undertake it through many state sites. Sometimes, you may have to go down to town hall or similar location to sort detailed information.

There is certainly a whole lot that individuals can do with assorted information available to them. You may also learn a whole lot about who you are by simply knowing their name and address. From those web sites alone you could learn about what type of person someone is.

Court Records Listings

District Court Judge
200 South Court St # 401, Florence, AL 35630.
District Court Judge Phone Number256-760-5815
Circuit Court Office
200 South Court St # 412, Florence, AL 35630.
Circuit Court Office Phone Number256-760-5715
Court Clerks Passports
200 South Court St # 404, Florence, AL 35630.
Court Clerks Passports Phone Number256-760-5726
Lauderdale County
200 South Court St # 220, Florence, AL 35630.
Lauderdale County Phone Number256-760-5747
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You may have to pay a fee to access some records so as what you can and cannot examine for free before you decide what you wish to modify. Another thing to check out is the UCC or Uniform Commercial Code database since this relates to information that relate to property possession as well as financing documents. You may even be able to check out this data on the government site of your state. You should see the things you might remove online first before you see the city hall or other official.