Court Records in Clay County, AL

Looking for inmate records in Clay County, AL? View our database of Clay County court hearing locations to find what you need. Additional info about driving records and felony trials.

The Role of jury records in Clay County, AL

If an individual goes for a job interview, you could be requested to submit to a history check. An employer can ask this from you but will ask you and get your authorization in writing for the check to happen. If you decline, you’ll most likely not get employed as the employee may need the check for a specific reason. Background checks are needed by many companies in Clay County, AL thus don’t be stunned should you be requested to submit to you.

These kinds of reports in Clay County, AL include, property tax evaluations, vehicle documents, professional and enterprise licenses, and various court files. Each one of these records are gradually becoming available to the general public, most being located on government websites at no cost.

Although this is a valuable source of info for completing a family tree, there is nevertheless lots of resistance towards the release of this personal data. These actions have become a dialogue for which is right. Should these records be provided to the general public at no cost? Or is this a violation of personal privacy?

Most of the court papers that are offered to the public are documents like separation and divorce decrees, child custody cases, and even personal bankruptcy filings. In addition those docs also include personal identifiers such as birth date, as well as Social Security Numbers. Since all this is public info it can be dangerously easy for someone to make financial scams.

Court Records Listings

Clay County District Judge
25 Court Square, Ashland, AL 36251.
Clay County District Judge Phone Number256-354-2242
Clay County Circuit Judge
25 Court Square, Ashland, AL 36251.
Clay County Circuit Judge Phone Number256-354-7633
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Your local town hall in Clay County, Alabama will be able to help you regarding the removal of records or you can talk with a lawyer to determine what can or cannot be taken away and also how to go about the entire process. For example, you can have your social security number and contact number obscured in most documents or at least partly obscured.

There’s as well computer software you may use that may help you locate reports about yourself on the web.