Court Records in Bullock County, AL

Need to find docket sheets in Bullock County, AL? View our directory of Bullock County jury record locations to find what you need. We also have info about crime hotlines and public record expungement.

Locating police records in Bullock County, AL

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One of the usual justifications that you’ll learn about making documents public is the fact that it keeps government responsible. Setting up a system wherein anybody can access anything regarding their government - either local, regional, or even federal - increases transparency.

A public record in Bullock County, AL is something like a legal action, divorce, marriage, birth, traffic ticket, and so on that is already available and searchable by anyone.

Court Records Listings

Bullock County Circuit Judge
217 Prairie St North Room 207, Union Springs, AL 36089.
Bullock County Circuit Judge Phone Number334-738-3286
Bullock County Vehicle Title
217 Prairie St North Room 103, Union Springs, AL 36089.
Bullock County Vehicle Title Phone Number334-738-2250
Bullock County Court Reporter
217 Prairie St North Room 6, Union Springs, AL 36089.
Bullock County Court Reporter Phone Number334-738-3284
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